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January 23, 2007



Is it the Nelson, of which you speak? I remember getting a giggle on field trips to the Spenser as a kid from "A Musical Party" by van der Schoor. Those boobies seem ready to pop out of those dresses at any moment! I tried to put in a link, but KU doesn't want me to. Anyway.... Go nudes!

Alicia A.

That's so silly. It's just a body.

Jenny, tell me exactly what you do- I mean, for your job. Do you work at the Nelson?

amy h

When I was taking figure-drawing classes, it bothered my father to no end that I was drawing naked men. Silly. I can't believe people purposely avoid nudes at the museum -- so strange.


I wonder if they all giggle out of insecurity...after all, we are all nude at some point.

I am so glad I had some tasteful photos taken of me pregnant and nude with each of my three pregnancies....at various stages of development. There is no way you can fully remember what it looked like when you have clothes on. We also had an awesome birth photographer who took very tasteful photos of the birth and those were nude as well....again, all a process and while I only whince at my facial expressions when looking back at old photos, the body is still an impressive vessel in all it's changes of life.
I want to remember.


teresa atkinson

A friend of mine has painted a massive and gorgeous nude. 48 inches square. I have begged her to sell it to me for my fireplace wall. I too would much rather see an artful nude than any of the violence they call entertainment.
Thought provoking post.

lindsey clare

Hi, my first visit to your blog, and I must say it's very enjoyable to read :)

On nudes: I really, really can't draw generally, but I really, really can draw nudes. For some reason I find life drawing easy and natural! I love it. Having said that I haven't done any for a few years now... wonder if I can convince my husband to pose for me! haha.

Are those your drawings? They're lovely.

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