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January 15, 2007



The truth? I know! My house it a wreck - ALL THE TIME! Ah, well. Better a creative mess than pristine and un-imaginative.


It's good to know that mine is not the only house that looks like that. I like to blame it on Brian. You can too. Try it. It's easy!

Miss T

I feel better, too. Glad I'm not the only one!

amy h

I've noticed that if I focus too much on keeping things straight, I end up doing stuff like dishes in the evening rather than playing with my daughter. That is no good. The life-living is so much more important. So I have piles, too -- if I didn't, I wouldn't have much of a life.

Alicia A.

And I think the real truth is- they DON'T really do it either. They just take pictures of the good stuff.

(I always push stuff out of the way to take a picture, so just outside the frame are all the junk piles!)


You are so not alone! And yes, bloggers only show the good stuff, and as for Martha----she has STAFF. Even I could be tidy if I had staff.

I was reading a review of Lee Silber's book about Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain. Apparently visually stimulated people (like artists) are actually more organized when they can see all their stuff.

Barbara Johansen Newman

There was a great article in the NYTimes a few weeks ago: "Saying Yes to Mess"

My mother would say "Just say no."

Not me. Been saying yes for years. Blogged about it.
It means you have more important things to do--like being creative.

Wanna have dueling messes?

(And if you ever want to feel REALLY good about it, google for the picture of Francis Bacon's studio...)


I love this post! We all have days like yours.

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