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April 03, 2007



love the starfish's orange feet. but the dolphin? ::sigh::


oh sad about the dolphin :(
but great photos none-the-less.
totally enjoying the beautiful beachy images.

We're suppose to get snow this week! ugh. So thanks for the photos!

Alicia A.

sounds like a wonderfully relaxing trip. and you're home just in time for the temps to dip down into the 30's again. :)

(poor dolphin.)

amy h

I love beach photos...

And, I'll just hope the dolphin died naturally after a nice life. :)

Bitter Betty

Looks like a beautiful trip. I think we will mostly be gardening at home. But it is nice for life to just slow down for a week.

Actually you have inspired me. At least we can take a roadtrip!

( Found an ex-otter once here on the beach.. I know what you mean about the dolphin. It is sad.)

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