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April 19, 2007


Alicia A.

How exciting! I wish we could come down. We already have plans- it's J's school carnival night.

Good luck and have fun. It looks great!


It looks great. Better than I would have pictured it. I love the
The building is cool too!
Are we going to see close-ups?
Have fun tomorrow...

amy h

I was at Broadway Cafe the other day and picked up a flyer for this. I saw your name and it took me a couple seconds to register why I knew it! :) Unfortunately, we are totally sitterless tomorrow (and the terrible twos have come on strong, making it so hard to do ANYTHING, let alone step foot in a gallery). Maybe we'll just have to do a walk-by while it is still up -- Elise would really like all the birds. I hope the reception goes well!


whoa. those are amazing!


I'm doing the mental run-down of who I could get to babysit tonight. Ack! I would totally love to be there. We'll see. Fingers crossed.


SO AWESOME! Congratulations!

Bitter Betty

wish I could have been there.. The baby sitter I could find .. but the free round trip plane ticket was a bit harder to locate..


Miss Dot

the baby sitter I don't need but a plane ticket from Australia would help? best of luck.


Oh my Gosh!! This is so cool- what a gorgeous installation!

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