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July 25, 2007


Alicia A.

Jenny, I just looked at the photos in your listing and it looks spotless! Wow. I love that house- surely someone will be interested soon.

Best of luck!

Miss Dot

oh don't ask ME for any help. when I was selling my apartment, I moved into my parent's place! it was the ONLY way to keep it tidy :-) best of luck


LOL, That was a funny post....kitty privacy was the best...lol...good luck on selling the abode.

Lisa Thiessen

I'm waiting for my house to sell too. Doesn't it just BLOW?! My kids hardly dare come in the house. My husband has taken to doing micro-loads of laundry.

I'll send you some 'sell that house' vibes, if it'll help.

Here's hopin'!

little Sticher

I really understand this as I have just put my apartment on the market. Our first visit turned out to be a hoax call! good luck

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