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November 16, 2007



i'll come by!

i's so excited for you -- you'll send pictures, right? like your off at summer camp and you're not really leaving town...


I hope your move goes smoothly!


Hey, I live in Chicago, near LIncoln Square (Western and Lawrence). Where are you moving? You'll love it here!

amy h

Doh -- it looks like I read this post too late. I'm still barely functional with the new baby in the mix! Good luck with the move. I hope you really love your new home. KC will miss you!


Ah crap. Well, take care my friend and best of luck with the move. It would have been nice to get in one more dinner at Teller's. I guess our next dinner out will be in Chicago. I'm itching for a trip up.

Keep in touch! :)


Have you settled into Chicago yet? I live in a northern suburb, half-way between Milwaukee & Chicago. Welcome back to Chicagoland!!!

Are you loving the snow?!!!



alicia is hosting a get together in january (also party baby shower for stacey - mama doodles) if you're gonna in town the 12th.

who's that australian blogger who moved to lawrence?

miss kansas? kansas misses you!


Good luck in your move! There will be loads of us Chicago bloggers to welcome you!!!

Miss Fitz

welcome to chicago. it's more expensive here but it's very fun.

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